EpositBox Privacy policy

We are a Data Privacy Company. We respect and will protect your privacy.

We do not share Sensitive Information or your Personal Data with any other entity.

We do not store Sensitive Information or Personal Data in a raw, readable, relatable, or identifiable form.

If you fill out and submit any form on our website that collects your name and/or email address information, you and we agree to use that information to reply to you and send information or notification to you as requested by you or as a courtesy by us. We will not store this information on our system to be used for any reason other than the intended reason for which you submitted this information to us. We will not share this information with any other entity.

You may choose to purchase a business service we provide for a fee by submitting required sensitive information to create an account to consume our services. When doing so you and we agree to use your sensitive information solely for the delivery of the business service you purchased. We agree to protect and store your sensitive information in a safe encrypted format. We have provided a way for you to close your account ending our business service per our agreement and ending the use of your sensitive information at which time your sensitive information will be obfuscated, unusable and not recoverable.

Our website may use cookies for the purpose providing a better user experience.

Our cookies do not identify you as a unique person or track you in anyway. Cookies are used to learn how a visitor interacts with our website for the purpose providing a better user experience. More importantly we use cookies to improve cyber-security protection for our visitors and for us.

If you have registered for our newsletter and/or purchased our business services by creating an account, our cookies may be used to identify you as an authorized entity for our newsletter or as an authorized service account holder.