How It Works

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Blockchain-Enhanced Security with EpositBox

EpositBox harnesses the IBM Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain, ensuring your data remains immutable and secure from internal and external threats.

Our use of blockchain technology provides automatic backups, versioning, failover capabilities, and decentralization, all within the secure environment of IBM Cloud Infrastructure, minimizing your risk at a reduced cost.


Streamlined Risk & Overhead Management

As a third-party custodian, EpositBox diminishes your liability and risk associated with sensitive data storage through strategic transference.

Our system is designed for seamless integration with your current transactional workflows, offering a blockchain solution that not only enhances security but also reduces the overhead associated with traditional data protection methods.


Machine-to-Machine Authentication

EpositBox is a machine-to-machine authenticated REST API, ensuring that individual users cannot access the blockchain data.

Your data remains impervious to both internal and external individual actors.

Guarding Against Disruptions

Even if external or internal factors introduce erroneous data due to system glitches or human errors, Blockchain Version Control stands ready for quick recovery, ensuring data integrity throughout.

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Accelerated Transactions & Enhanced Access Management

EpositBox proprietary index technology increases data transaction speeds resulting in Blockchain Security at the Speed of a Traditional Database and Simplicity of an API.

Our comprehensive access controls maintain meticulous records of data interactions, detailing user activities and timestamps.


Immutable Blockchain Integrity

Within the blockchain, data is unalterable; new updates generate additional blocks, preserving all prior iterations.

The distributed and decentralized nature of blockchain databases, replicated across multiple locations, renders data hijacking futile, ensuring unparalleled data resilience.


Proactive & Reactive Blockchain Safeguards

Blockchain's intrinsic record versioning enables rapid data restoration. Coupled with failover protocols, distributed storage, and advanced encryption, EpositBox delivers a formidable security strategy.

Continuous transaction logging ensures prompt identification and rectification of anomalies, bolstering both proactive and reactive defenses.

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